Hi, we're SMW. We markets the complete range of products that everyone would use.

Trade marketing experts since 2001

SMW was founded to bring revolutionary changes in the lives of people through its high quality, value-for-money products and the most profitable business opportunity. Today, the company has earned a strong foothold in the market and has become a household name. The company has products in different categories like education, health and wellness and lifestyle. Also, it is one of the largest companies in direct selling which is making conscious efforts in promoting IT education and health awareness. SMW is a revolution which is striving to transform lives of people.

What we do

To motivate everyone to realize and recognize their inner potential and turn in to an asset for personal growth and overall success.

To develop and provide high quality products distributed internationally through direct selling, creating a rewarding financial opportunity for our independent distributors, associates, and employees.

How we do it

Our unique business opportunity makes all this possible by helping you establish your own business without any risky investments. You'll receive steady paychecks, earn incredible bonuses, and secure your financial future as part of a community that does good.

And your earning potential is unlimited. The harder you work, the more money you'll make. No salary caps. No educational requirements. Can you say that about any other job?


We encourage you to buy and use our products. We are so sure of the quality and value-for-money of these products. We encourage you to sell our products once you yourself are completely satisfied with them.

The plan is based on purchase/sale of different products.


Product's Packages

  • trade


    1. Anti Radiation Mobile chip
    2. Dr.Young and Slimming Tea
    3. Quantum Pendant
    4. Sandhi Sudha

  • menu


    1. Sarvashree Dhanlaxmi Kripa Yantram
    2. Nazar Raksha Shakti Kawach
    3. Maha Shani Kripa Kavach

  • point of sale


    1. Anti Radiation Mobile Chip
    2. Reebok Pair Watches (1 Pair)

  • point of sale


    1. Dr. Young and Slimming Tea
    2. Evamartin Hair oil
    3. Folding Make-up kits

  • point of sale


    1. Solar Lamp with Charger
    2. Dhan Laxmi Yantra
    3. Quantum Pendent

  • point of sale


    1. 5 in 1 Sofa Cum Bed

  • point of sale


    1. Gas Safety Device
    2. Card Nano (4mm)
    3. Power Saver

  • point of sale


    1. Complete Gwalior Suit Lenght Premium

  • point of sale


    1. Smartphone

  • point of sale


    1. Nazar Suraksha Shakti Kawach
    2. Induction Cooker
    3. Power Saver

  • point of sale



  • point of sale


    1. Titanium Bracelet Double Lines

  • point of sale


    1. Mobile Wrist Watch

  • point of sale

    SMW-014 (Two Wheeler)

    1. Petrol Booter Milezar 30% (Milez Plus) - Two Wheeler

  • point of sale

    SMW-014 (Four Wheeler)

    1. Petrol Booter Milezar 30% (Milez Plus) - Four Wheeler

  • point of sale


    1. Bajaj alliance Life Insurance